Options For Seat Covers for Cars

If you want cute car accessories, you should probably start with seat covers and then move to floor mats, steering wheel covers, rear view mirror covers, etc. The factory seat covers on your car can easily become soiled, whether you use them for hauling construction materials, transporting grandchildren, or simply spitting out a lot of coffee. To freshen up your car’s interior, if your upholstery is beyond saving with an upholstery cleaner, you have three options: Seats can be reupholstered by a professional automotive upholstery, purchased from a junkyard, or bought and installed by the owner.

A universal-fit seat cover can cost as little as $50 per seat, while a custom-fit cover can cost as much as $150 per seat. Ordering and installing custom-fit seat covers is easy when you follow the instructions. Regardless of the model, the installation process is nearly identical. It takes about two hours to clean a car’s front and back seats. You’ll only need a wire coat hanger and some tape to get the straps under the plastic trim (if equipped). The seat covers come with everything you’ll need to get started.

Seat Covers: A Buyer’s Guide

Both universal and custom-fit seat covers are available. Auto parts stores and the internet offer universal seat covers that can be purchased off the shelf. You must order custom-fit seat covers made to fit your specific year, make, model, and type of seat. In comparison to universal-fit seat covers, they’re a lot more expensive. In contrast, they fit like a glove and stay in place even if you’re slipping in and out. Breakaway stitching ensures that the airbag deploys properly if your vehicle has side-bolster airbags.

Universal seat covers eliminate the fabric that normally covers the seat airbags to save money. Manufacturers then apply an anti-skid rubber coating to the fabric’s underside to further reduce slipping. Long-term sitting on them is therefore made more difficult due to this. They’ll inevitably fall out of place and wrinkle because they’re not a perfect fit for your seats.

These days, the most popular seat cover fabric is officially licensed designer camouflage and sports patterns. You’ll pay more for those patterns because the fabric designers get royalty on every sale. You can save money by sticking with a solid colour instead of trendy camouflage or sports fabrics.

Additionally, matching armrests, headrests, console covers, back seat storage, and map pockets can be ordered along with your female car seat covers.

Seat covers can be purchased from retail and online auto parts stores and directly from the manufacturer.

Installing new seat covers does not necessitate removing the seats from the vehicle. Because most seats are constructed in the same manner, the information in this guide applies to a wide range of models. Seat cover manufacturers may have different instructions than one another, so you should follow their advice instead if that is the case.

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