Yamaha RX 100: A blast from the past

Yamaha RX 100: A blast from the past

India is one of the largest and fastest growing auto markets in the world; a place with such growth often sees bikes make appearances and disappearances without much noise. Yet in the flurry of the new age bikes that fill the streets, you may often find an old bike still running along the roads, some of which might not be in the best shape or condition. There are, however, some which have been restored to their former glory. 

Watching old restored motorcycles grace the roads always brings out an element of nostalgia in everyone and you cannot take your eyes of such a beauty on the roads. The latest trend is renovated Yamaha RX100 new, which have been taking the roads by storm. It captured the imagination of the Indian commuter to perfection and was a reason why the popularity of motorcycles in the country took off.  

The motorcycle was one of the most powerful bikes when it launched in the late 80s and flew off the shelves rather quickly, the production of these bikes have stopped more than two decades ago. Some people have however managed to keep the bikes in pretty decent condition and certain aficionados have helped restore the bikes to their former glory. You can often see these bikes on the roads zipping through traffic and the original sound of the bikes are still very pleasing to hear. 

The RX100 was one of the most advanced motorcycles when it came out. It came with a 98cc single cylinder two-stroke engine, which produced a maximum of 11 brake horsepower and gave around 10.39 nm of torque at 6500 rpm. The bike came with a speedy four-speed transmission and weighed only 103 kilograms. Such specifications meant that the bike could accelerate at a phenomenal rate, which can even rival that of modern four-stroke bikes. 

Today restorers have helped bring the cycle back to looking as stunning as ever before. The original models had the option of three paint jobs, peacock blue, cherry red and a dazzling black. As most of the remaining models, you can see might not have the best form factor or in great condition, restoration experts have taken the liberty of adding their own touches and making each bike a bespoke piece. 

The YamahaRX100 today feature pin stripping on the whole bike or just the tank, full chrome finishing, and a replacement in the original spokes on the wheels. Parts such as engine cowls with decals feature on most bikes, and full gunmetal colouring of the body gives the bike a well-defined look. The other major upgrades are the digital instrument panels, LED front and back lamps, and projector units. These changes give the bike a much-needed overhaul in design and look. If you could get your hands on a model of the RX100, restoring it and riding it on the roads is certainly going to turn heads. It is nostalgia on wheels and looking at such bikes reminds people of the posters they used to have in their bedrooms.

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