Important Points To Remember While Importing A Car From Japan To Australia

Important Points To Remember While Importing A Car From Japan To Australia

Planning to import a car to Australia from Japan? Well, before you start dreaming of how you will enjoy your beautiful possession, keep in mind that you will have to follow certain rules. If you know them beforehand, the import process will be much hassle-free for you.

How to Import a Car from Japan

Numerous vehicle auctions take place in Japan where you can buy vehicles. Auctions are the most popular way of buying a car from Japan as the sites are even available in English, while buying a car privately has a great barrier of language, making the process quite difficult. 

While importing your automobile from Japan, you can get many choices, like:

  • Brand new
  • Used
  • Buy with the help of an agent
  • Make all the arrangements yourself

If you hire an export agent for importing your car from Japan to Australia, you will have to arrange import permit as well as compliance on your own. 

Importing a car from Japan and importing motorcycle from USA to Australia with Dazmac Logistics is a good option since the company has a vast experience of importing vehicles to Australia and they provide absolutely trouble-free service. 

Buying a Used Car


Used cars imported from Japan to Australia can be shipped to all main Australian maritime ports including Sydney, Darwin, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle and Brisbane. 

Inquire if your agent company provides inland transport. They may arrange export and shipping of the car from Japan and send you the required documents. 

Age Restriction 

While importing a used car to Australia, the car’s age doesn’t make any difference. 

Inspection of Roadworthiness

Used Japanese cars should be more than 15 years old to be able to import it to Australia from Japan. However, there are many exceptions to this rule in Australia, where cars can be imported as long as they are already compliant.

Used Cars for Australian Citizens Living in Japan

If a used car is to be imported from Japan for an Australian citizen living in Japan, a way is available to send your car back home. If you own the car in Japan for more than a year, it can be imported to Australia. 

Remember that the car should be registered on your name in Japan. Importing a used car to Australia may be a little tricky since import regulations are very strict. It’s strongly recommended that you contact Australian Government so as to get required information and application documentation. 

Visiting the Australian Customs website can help a lot because there is detailed information there regarding used car import. Another way to get information is to contact Dazmac for Japanese car imports Sydney.

Australian Requirements and Legislation 

Remember that any imported car should meet the Australian standards if you want to drive it on the Australian roads. Here are a few basic points you should keep in mind:

  • Get approval from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport
  • Make sure the car is included in the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme (if it has been manufactured before 1989)
  • Degas air conditioning and get a certificate for the same
  • Make sure that Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) can process the model you will be importing
  • Pay export fees as well as the car freight on board fee
  • Provide appropriate documents to Customs including the freight invoice and degassing certificate
  • You will also have to pay:
    • GST
    • Freight import duty
    • Custom clearance fees
    • Quarantine
    • Inspection and registration

Before actual registration, you will need temporary registration or you can appoint a truck to transport your imported automobile

Modifications Needed

Your Japanese car should follow Australian road safety standards. So, you will have to make a few modifications to your Japanese car, such as:

  • Adding new seat belts
  • Including any intrusion bar 
  • New brake pads
  • Replacing vehicle fluids 
  • New tyres
  • Child restraint anchorage points

Take all these points into consideration and make your Japanese car import to Australia easy and hassle-free to a maximum extent.

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