Volkswagen Everything You Need To Know About The Most Iconic Cars!

Volkswagen: Everything You Need To Know About The Most Iconic Cars!

What would excite you is driving an accessible car on fine black ink, stretching through nature’s green. It sends you a sweet invitation to enjoy the ride from home to a buzzing destination, set in the valley of city life. The presence of a people’s car among the independent and detached city lives will make everyone desire it.

This people’s car is none other than Volkswagen. Its production started in the 1930s, upon the request of Alford Hitler, to produce an affordable and ‘everybody’ car. Even the name of the German automobile company means ‘people’s car’.

This company did not initiate mass production until 1946. Under British supervision, the company reached new international customers and bolstered its reputation for a cheap and reliable solution. Now, you can find it in dealerships or a garage among used cars in Dubai, standing out in its glory.

The models continue to come out, and it is no longer just a people’s car. It reveals impressive supercars design, leaving the customers to wonder which one is the best and the most important of all!

We have listed down some of the most iconic models of Volkswagen since its inception. Have a look!

1.      The Famous Volkswagen Beetle

The Volkswagen Beetle is a pop culture car that has shared the screen with Kevin Bacon, Optimus Prime and Lindsay Lohan. It was one of the best cars of its time.

Making its way to the road in the 1960s, it is no brainer to unlock the reasons behind why Beetle has so many fans. Over 21 million models were produced and sold, the volume speaking for itself how well the model did internationally.

The sale kept high for decades until the mass production stopped in 2003. While it was saddening news for many, the car designers and engineers revived it within their dune buggy models. It lived on as the New Beetle, based on the Golf platform until the company halted its production in 2019.

2.      Volkswagen Bus

The VW Bus has become the longest-running vehicle since its inception 70 years ago. To date, the company has produced over 13 million units of VW Bus. It was the vehicle of choices for hippies, whether they were partying or protesting the Vietnam war. Ever since then, the model saw its prices skyrocket, becoming a highly sought-after convertible model.

3.      Volkswagen Scirocco

Based on the Golf platform and receiving the Golf’s powertrain options, the first generation of Scirocco debuted in the 1970s. It was mass-produced for eight years. A better looking MK2 followed in the lineup in 1981. However, the production halted in 1992, and Corrado entered the frame as a replacement.

The model displayed a more daring and sporty design. An 8-valve, water-cooled, inline-four engine powered the wheels, producing 50-85 horsepower.

4.      Volkswagen Golf GTi

The development of the VW Golf GTi began in 1974. The aim was to manufacture the sporty version of the VW Golf lineup. The first GTi debuted in 1976, which changed the automobile scenery forever. Initially, the plan was to sell 5000 units. However, the soaring demand led to an amazing sale of 461,900 units.

This new Golf version debuted with a fuel injection engine that produced a mind-melting horsepower of 110. Also, it had a comforting seating for four people, a filing cabinet and a sense of practicality as a hatchback. It all remains a fantasy for the rivals.

5.      Volkswagen Corrado

This is the car that stole the limelight from Scirocco in VW’s lineup in the early 1990s. Based on the Golf and Passat platform, the car debuted a sporty design that made it a hit among cars buying the public’s attention throughout its short life.

The unique combination of the platforms made it popular in the market for its exceptional handling. The front of the ride was based on the Golf MKII platform, and the rear used the platform of Passat MKII. As a result, the British magazine Car named it 25 cars to drive before you die.

In addition, one of the salient features of the Corrado was the rear spoiler that automatically deployed between 44 and 60 mph, dependent on the vision and treated when the speed decreased.

6.      Volkswagen Jetta

Volkswagen Jetta is a classic vehicle that debuted on the streets in 1974 and still roams the streets among various exotic cars today. In its time, Jetta offered a decent horsepower of 76 from a 1.6-litre inline four-cylinder engine. It caught buyers’ attention when compact cars were abundant!

To sum up, Volkswagen produced cars that invited everyone to ride them. Its popularity has transformed it into a well-renowned automobile brand with its models adorning the roads!

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