Know the Facts before Installing Electric Bike Kits

Know the Facts before Installing Electric Bike Kits

After using your old bicycle for ages, now it is the time to use an electric bike. Many may wonder how that is possible and also it will be very expensive. But, that it is not at all a problem as with the help of electric bike kits, the conversion of a bicycle to electric bike has become much simpler. 

Electric bike kits:

This is one of the most beneficiary kits for all the people that help to provide enormous flexibility over factory built electric bike models. You can choose almost any bicycle you like, and install the electric bike kit to obtain a new electric bike. Since the factory models of pre-built e-bikes are limited in speed and power, the electric bike kits give you the option to go faster with higher power and torque, especially in the case of riding steep hills and inclines. 

Apart from installing the electric bike kit to your old bicycle, you will be also required to do some work and the basic mechanical ability is required. Also, it is not possible to get a clean look like the pre-built bikes, as most of the components will be exposed. 

What types of batteries are available in an e-bike kit?

Battery technology improves everyday and at present there are three types of battery available in the electric bike kit. Before purchasing the kit, you should be well aware of the functions of all the batteries. 

  • Lithium Ion: Regarded as the highest quality battery, they cost the most money; have the longest life and lowest weight. 
  • Nickel Metal Hydride: This is a mid-range battery, light weight and have an extended lifespan over the cheaper batteries. 
  • Sealed Lead Acid: This type of battery is regarded as the cheapest form of all; they have the shortest life and are extremely heavy when compared to the other battery types. 

Basic information about electric bike kit:

While purchasing any product from the market, you should be aware of the warranty period so that you can get your goods exchanged. Purchasing an electric bike kit, you will automatically receive a two-year warranty that is being included within the price. Most of the kits ship within 48 hours from the day of purchase and will have varying arrival time based on the import processing time and procedure. The cost of shipping varies on the basis of the location. 

Queries about the electric kit installation:

Often many people have a question, whether they can install the electric bike kit or get someone else to do it. Well, if you are a bike technical savvy, then you can install it otherwise do take the help of the experts of the bike shop. Generally, the mid motors are easier and faster to fit because you do not have to spoke a hub in the wheel of the bike. The mid motors fit through the crank area and works with the gear transmission on the bike without even touching the rear or front wheels.

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