Factors to consider before launching a public weighbridge business across Australia

Factors to consider before launching a public weighbridge business across Australia

Complying with regulations

Getting started with a public weighbridge business in Australia requires compliance with several regulatory requirements. These regulations and standards are defined and verified by government departments such as the Department of Industry, Innovation, and Science and the National Measurement Institute (NMI). Before building your weighbridge, make sure you have secured the necessary permits.

As part of the licensing process, you must possess a public weighbridge license and have your equipment approved by the NMI. You must also ensure that your nominated operators are trained properly on how to conduct accurate weighing.

Decide where to locate

It is important to consider your location when setting up a weighbridge business. A high-traffic location that requires weighbridge services is a good location for your business. The site you choose will depend on the model of your business.

To find an ideal location for your business, you may need to conduct detailed market research. Extra marketing may be needed to attract new business to a unique weighbridge location away from other weighbridges. Your business can also be located near one of the overloaded existing weightbridges that cannot adequately serve all its clients.

Purchasing a weighbridge

Buying a weighbridge needs you to consider several factors. Choosing between inground and aboveground weighbridges is necessary for public weighbridges. Furthermore, you must make sure that you have all the necessary equipment to conduct accurate measurements.

When buying a weighbridge, finding a reliable supplier is the most important consideration. Weighbridge suppliers with a high level of reputation offer verifiable warranties on their products, such as weighbridge manufacturers Trakblaze. Trakblaze continues to offer a wide range of solutions for traffic and pedestrian monitoring throughout its 88-year history. Moreover, they are known to provide continuous technical support for their products as well.

Some of Trakblaze’s highly sought-after weighing systems are: 

HI-TRAC® TMU4 is a high-speed weight-in-motion traffic data collection system used across Australia to collect vehicle classification and axle load data without affecting traffic flow. With options ranging from two to sixteen-lane configurations, vehicle-by-vehicle data can be stored. 

The OptiWIM® dynamic scale measures the weight of passing vehicles with high accuracy regardless of wheel positions and directions, making it the world’s first free-flow dynamic scale for weigh-in-motion. With fibre-optic technology, it offers the highest possible accuracy. Apart from having a life span of over 10 years, it is capable of detecting double-tyres as well as underinflated tyres. 

With easy installation and maintenance of the systems, your business should have minimal downtime once it becomes operational.

Automate your processes

By incorporating automated measurement devices, it is possible to improve weighbridge efficiency. Automated weighbridges require fewer workers, reduce errors, and can be used 24/7. The sensors on automated weighbridges provide accurate weighing and measurement tickets. It is a good idea to consider specific guidelines for incorporating automated control systems in weighbridges from the NMI.

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