3 Driving Tips To Avoid Your Rims From Getting Damaged

3 Driving Tips To Avoid Your Rims From Getting Damaged

Car owners tend to take the state of their wheels and the rims for granted. These parts of the car are constantly exposed to the harsh conditions of the road and not many people pay attention to parts that are below their line of sight. This way of thinking is very wrong as one small scratch or dent on the AMG rims can be an eyesore that might even require expensive repairs or replacements.

Take a quick look at the state of your wheels and the rims. If there are clear signs of wearing and tearing, it is time to drive differently to avoid these damages. Here are some driving tips that will help keep the rims in pristine condition:

Tip 1: Avoid Potholes

As much as we want to live in a world where the road is smooth and even, potholes cannot be avoided. Due to the change in weather, the constant exposure to harsh elements a few cracks on the road will begin to form into a pothole. These holes can catch any driver by surprise and cause some wheel and rim damage.

Keep a close eye on the road and try your best to avoid potholes while driving. Once you have fallen into a hole, keep note and drive around it the next time you pass the same area.

Tip 2: Careful Around Curbs

Parallel parking is already a hassle on its own for most drivers. Add the worry about hitting the curb while trying to get into the spot makes the task even more difficult. Sadly, the most common reason why AMG rims get damaged beyond repair is because of a bad parking job. The curb is at a height where it can inflict the most damage on the car’s rims and since it is made out of concrete, the scratches run very deep.

In most cases, damages from a curb can no longer be repaired and the rims must be replaced. The next time you are about to park, make sure to take your time. Even if you look a little silly and inexperienced, that is better than scratching the rims of your car.

Tip 3: Account For Winter Conditions

Driving during the winter time is very dangerous. The roads are slippery, the wheels do not have enough traction, and there is salt everywhere. For folks living in areas where snow is a common occurrence during the winter months, it is a must to winterize the wheels. The salt on the snow will cause a lot of damage to the rims which can result in an unsightly discoloration.

Although it might seem like a better idea to just avoid winter driving, this isn’t possible for most people. Instead, just be ready to invest in a second set of rims so that they can be switched from time to time to lessen the amount of damage. It might seem like a major expense, but this will help the rims last longer.

Stay safe while on the road and keep a close eye on elements that may cause accidents or damages to your car. The more alert you are, the better it is for your well-being and your car’s upkeep.

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